//Millets – Supernatural grains & Why you should be eating it ?

Millets – Supernatural grains & Why you should be eating it ?

Nowadays people worldwide are awakening in the use of millet and their amazing health benefits. They improve your health and help weight loss as well as curing several health problems.

Millets are coarse grains that have commonly been cultivated and eaten in the Indian subcontinent over the last 5000 years. Millets comes in a variety of types, each of which has its own health benefits. As they are cultivated across seasons you can go to the store at any time of the year and be able to find millet in stock always.

Millets have high nutritional benefit and are rich in vitamins, proteins, fibres and minerals. Millets are divided into two categories namely Naked grains and Husked grains.

  • Naked grains

Naked grains relate to the three regular millet kinds that are devoid of the hard, indigestible husk that some millets have like Ragi, Jowar and Bajra. Such millets do not need processing after harvest, they can be used after being cleaned. These are the main types of millet that are widely cultivated and quite common because of their ease of use.

  • Husked grains

Foxtail millets, Kodo millets and Little Millets relate to this second type. Such millet types are made of an indigestible seed coat. They need to be extracted from the husk so they can be safe to eat.

Types of Millets:

Millets are available in various shapes and sizes. The two broad categories of millet described above contain many types of millet. Here we are going to look at these different millet types below,

1.Pearl millet

 Pearl millet, bajra is extremely nutrient dense. It includes minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, protein, and fibre. Practicing daily intake of pearl millet can be very good for your health, like aiding you tackle diabetes.

2.Little millet

Little millet is also a good solution to those trying to lose weight. You can consume it as a substitute for rice. That is high in fibre and contains many minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium and iron. It is also loaded with the beneficial effects of vitamin B and acts as an antioxidant for your body once it is eaten.

3.Foxtail millet

Foxtail millet, kakum is usually available as semolina or rice flour. Foxtail millet includes a blood sugar that balances healthy carbohydrates. Its calcium and iron level often lead to build resistance. This regulates your blood cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol levels in your body.


Buckwheat is the sort of millet that you should eat if you really want to weight loss. This offers a healthy diet for diabetics, works to help lower blood pressure and helps cardiovascular health. Buckwheat also tackles illnesses like breast cancer, gallstones and asthma.

5.Finger millet 

Finger millet, Ragi is used as a suitable replacement for wheat and rice. The millet variant is gluten free and good source of protein and amino acids. Finger millet is intended to help the growth of brain in growing kids.

Benefits of Millets:

Adding millet into your diet can help with the following millet benefits.

  • Boosts your immunity
  • Prevents asthma
  • Helps your digestion
  • Keeps your blood sugar levels low
  • Acts as an antioxidant
  • Aids weight loss
  • Reduces cardiovascular risks

Millets are delicious food. Pearl millet porridge, Ragi porridge, millet laddoos, millet upma, millet dosa are very popular dishes. Processed foods like millet cookies, cakes, nutrition bars, puffed millet snacks, millet heath mixes can also be found in most grocery stores. Each millet brings a unique taste to the dish and the consumption of millet also provides a balanced digestive system due to its high fibre content.

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So, now you aware of millets and their health benefits.To overcome such health problems, use of Millets in our diets can be the answer. So, hurry up what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite Millets from Modern Store.

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