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Modern Store started from a tiny stall selling basic provisions beside the former site of KL Sentral. Today, it is Malaysia’s most established Indian grocery shop with two busy outlets and is located in the heart of Brickfields, providing only the finest and freshest items from India.

With over 60 years of experience, Modern Store is an importer, wholesaler, and specialist of Indian goods. It is the only place you can find such a wide variety of local provisions, from authentic Indian Masalas and all your favorite snacks to Indian coffee, tea, cosmetics and Ayurvedic products.

Modern Store’s procurement process takes place on a grand scale, covering all regions of the North and the South to the Himalayas. You will find rare and special provisions from small districts, as well as local favorites from the big cities.


Whether you’re an Indian expat looking for a taste of home, or a curious local/foreigner looking to explore the flavours of India, visit Modern Store for a total India experience.

Nobody Worries About Your Requirements Like Modern Store Does!

Life saver for the indian expats. It’s like home away home. You get all your favourite spices, groceries and daily use Indian brands cosmetic. You also get ayurvedic products of Dabur & Patanjali here as well. You also get your favourite & fresh Indian vegies. Palak, drumstick….

Peekay Panda
One of the indian grocery stores in Little India. One can get everything needed in daily life right from indian vegetables like methi, shepu, spinach, sweet potato and indian fruits to various types flour.
This has various indian snacks which ypu will get at cheaper prices. This shop almost has ever Indian thing.
Best place to buy groceries, vegetables and fruits.
Sonali Pawar
One of the oldest Indian grocery stores around. Quality of vegetables is quite nice and are sold at extremely reasonable prices. Premium of goods imported from India is minimal.
Anubhav Gandhi
One of most popular and best store in Brickfields for Indian grocery items. They have huge range of products especially Indian products starting from fresh vegetables, fruits, sweets, toiletries, snacks, spices, dietary products etc. Their products quality is best with reasonable price compared to any other Indian grocery shop in KL. Though the store is not very big in terms of space but fully air conditioning and staff is very helpful.
Jitender Yadav
Very good place to buy everything here, When we shop here, sure we all feel like we are in India. We get every items here with best rates and They well stocked everything with good arrangments. Sure we all are love it modern store to shop again and again.

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