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Medicinal Uses of Black Turmeric (Kali Haldi) – A Rare Exotic Herb

Turmeric is universally known for its wonderful medicinal benefits and its use in numerous drinks and dishes. The bright yellow turmeric which is a permanent thing in almost every Indian kitchen. Though yellow turmeric has taken over the health and culinary world by storm, not many people know about black turmeric and its benefits.

Black Turmeric

Black Turmeric or Kali Haldi or Curcuma Caesia is a member of the ginger family of 70 species of rhizomatous herbs. This plant has enormous medicinal benefits on humans for centuries till date. Since more and more people are tuned to herbal remedies across the globe, this plant covered up in the tropical rainforests of Asia gives a logical solution to several diseases.

The Black Tumeric’s flowers are usually pink or maroon. Note that the Black Turmeric is not always pink or maroon. Since it’s a rhizome, it starts out with a light pink color then turns blue as it grows. But pretty as they are, these flowers turned medicine are bitter. This is probably why Black Turmeric is used for medicinal purposes instead of cooking. Also the root has an immensely bitter taste.

Now let us look closer to the medical benefits of Black Turmeric.

Pain Reliever

Black turmeric is known to be a great pain reliever. Including toothaches, rashes, stomach problems and osteoarthritis Black Turmeric can help to ease problems of this kind. Remember, that for all these beneficial effects, these must be consumed in moderate amounts or correct dosage. Based on what kind of disease you are treating or how much discomfort you are experiencing.

Regulates Blood Sugar and Controls Weight-Loss

Efficient bile production helps proper digestion and protects liver problems. This lowers the risk of developing insulin resistance in the body. Black Turmeric tends to slow down the body’s dietary fat. 

Relief in lung diseases

Black turmeric is used for problems such as pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis. If you’re concerned about cough, Turmeric is a solution for that. You should take turmeric bumps for this and wash them and ground their juice and drink it. Eventually, this will take away the cough. Substance known as curcumin in turmeric removes the element that triggers lung cancer.

Natural Anti-Oxidant

These are natural antioxidants. Curcumin found in Turmeric is very efficient in neutralizing free radicals. That’s why, if consumed in moderation, the Black Turmeric will neutralize the free radicals which our body cannot. This nullifies the impacts of aging and cancer cells.

Lung Disorder

Curcuma Caesia is indeed very helpful for strengthening or curing lung diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, etc. Also, the curcumin in Curcuma Caesia is a great worker here. Because the compounds seen in Turmeric may not interact with the lung therapy of traditional drugs and the healthy cells of our immune system.


These are proven by science that Black Turmeric curcumin could assist limit the spread of cancerous cells. This has also been proven that pre-cancer changes in the body organs are modified. Further study also indicates that conventional chemotherapy combined with Turmeric can be a strong combination in opposing cancer cells. So, if you’re aiming for an anti-cancer solution that doesn’t have any side effects, you may want to look at the Black Turmeric.

Leucoderma & Itchy skin

Anyone struggling with leucoderma skin problem may apply black turmeric on their patches. A ready-made cream is also commercially available. Curcuma Caesia might also help to control skin irritation. Because the element in black turmeric is capable of being anti-inflammatory, and in addition to treat itchy skin, turmeric may be used as an anti-inflammatory to itchiness.

Since Black Turmeric is a popular herbal medicinal plant with its usage always demanding, it is an endangered plant chased by many people. As this plant is dying slowly, the need of the hour is to protect this precious herb.People take Black turmeric as it is and there are supplements or tablets available in the market.They are also used in poojas.

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