//Spinach (Keerai) Varieties and its Benefits

Spinach (Keerai) Varieties and its Benefits

Greens (Keerai in Tamil) were part and parcel of everyone’s daily diet. This is known to be easy to digest food than fruits and veggies. Although eating greens daily is a healthy diet, this cannot be eaten during the night. Eating greens at nighttime will result in gas forming in the stomach and other gastric discomforts.

The nutrient content of Keerai is twenty times higher than other veggies. Keerai is a good source of nutrients, high in iron, vitamin A, calcium antioxidants and vegetable proteins. Take Keerai regularly at least twice a week.

Listed are some various types of greens (Keerai) and their medical benefits below.

Ponnanganni Keerai:


Ponnanganni Keerai is a very good coolant. This absorbs the body’s unwanted acidity. It may prevent bad breath. This is effective in treating skin diseases such as eczema, scabies, etc. and improves texture and skin tone. This is a great herb for hair growth. Use of coconut oil boiled with ponnanganni leaves, arugampul and hibiscus lets in fast hair growth.

Thoodhuvalai Keerai:


This green is a perfect treatment for people affected from sinus-related conditions. Thoothuvalai leaves can be grind to a fine paste, add a little tamarind and salt to taste. This paste is taken two or three times a week with hot rice. This green has a potential to raise the body’s heat and should therefore be consumed in moderate amounts.

Manathakkali Keerai:


These greens act on ulcers has been well recognised. This has been very efficient in the treatment of all forms of stomach and mouth ulcers, internal ulcers. Using these greens two or three times a week maintains the body alkaline and takes care of acidosis, that is believed to be the main cause of all modern disorders.

Pulicha Keerai:


It is termed as Gongura in Andhra Pradesh, there’s many delicious dishes prepared with this leaf. Eating this green improves digestive problems, constipation and stomach ulcers.

Siru Keerai (Amaranthus Polygonoides):


Regular intake of cooked Siru Keerai will benefits Singers voice. This has been identified to retain and strengthen their tone.  Also, it works great if we have stomach and mouth ulcers. Daily intake of these greens often helps those with hemorrhoids. The skin problems, such as scabies and eczema, react well to the intake of this herb.

Pasalai Keerai (Spinach):


This plant has the blood purification qualities. It improves the liver and soothes pitta. This is a well-known cure for urinary related diseases. Persons with difficult urination can opt to take Pasalai Keerai on a regular basis.

Mulai Keerai (Amaranth):


It is a delicious green that is widely eaten in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The dishes made of this green are both very nutritious and delicious. It refreshes and empowers the body. The “Thandu” is the more mature greens of this family. Such a perfect blood cleanser, this green always protects the heart. This softens stools and make to relieve hard and painful urination resulting in an increase in body heat.

Pannai Keerai (Celosia argentea):


Celosia argentea is of tremendous beneficial properties. Daily intake of these greens prevents stomatitis, sore throat, ulcerative colitis and similar diseases. It has a sweetish-sour taste and is effective in the treatment of venereal and eczema diseases. This eases the stool and enables to pass the bowel easily. 

“To make your body strong and healthy take Keerai daily in your diet!”

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