//Fast and simple methods for cleaning food products and kitchen items

Fast and simple methods for cleaning food products and kitchen items

The kitchen smell make it one of the household’s most interesting and welcomed parts. Yet the cleaning process can often be time consuming, that it dulls the enthusiasm. Here are some kitchen cleaning hacks and tips to make your kitchen a little easier to clean.

Cleaning  a chopping board

Usually chopping board generates lot amount of stains, smells and after a while it can begin to look quite dirty. Sprinkle baking soda or salt on it as it gives a new look. Just soak for a little while and then clean. Then again, use a lemon wedge to rub onto the chopping board. Also the lemon juice prevents food stains and as well as eliminates bad smells.

Clean foggy looking glasses

After more than 30 minutes you have been cleaning glasses but they somehow appear like they have got a thin coating of fog on them. The issue with your tap water and not the dish liquid as the tap water is hard water. Hard water has minerals which can accumulate in glasses. To solve the forming of fog, simply soak the glasses in water and white vinegar and solution. The acidic compound disappears the minerals. Wash glasses with normal water and dry with a cloth.

Keep your kitchen secure from bacteria

Cleaning is not mere washing food items alone. It also guarantees safe practices, such that germs, bacteria and food poisoning don’t ruin your food. Ensure hands are cleaned while consuming or preparing food and after any raw meat has been touched. Separate cutting boards must be used for raw meats and they must be properly rinsed after each use. Note that raw meat must be kept in a closed container, so that other food items are not damaged.

Cleaning your blender easily

Cleaning a blender can be so difficult, particularly after having made chutney or tomato paste. Though there is one way to clean it easily.  Always pour hot water to the blender. Then put some dish liquid and place the blender to the machine. Now lock the lid, run it on for 10-15 seconds. The grinding action is trying to wash out the blender and all you have to do is rinse it with hot water. In spite that the blender jug still looks a bit dull as mineral build-up from hard water, put some vinegar or lemon to prevent stains and also smells to go back.

Wait no longer to clean cooking vessels

Many of us wanting to keep the cooking vessels for later washing, however the issue is that as time goes the residues will be fixed and cleaning would take much longer. Start washing them as soon as possible else soak them in warm soapy water and rub them afterwards with a sponge. It will remove the stains and as well as make it much easier to clean the vessels. Similar thing goes for counter top spills and floor spills.

Fast and simple kitchen tips make your life easier . Now that you are aware of these simple kitchen hacks and the cooking process with ease.

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