//My First Experience at Modern Store | Indian Grocery Store in KL, Malaysia

My First Experience at Modern Store | Indian Grocery Store in KL, Malaysia

My First Shopping Experience at Modern Store:

I am Rahul from Chennai (India). I got a job offer from my current company to Malaysia located in Kuala Lumpur. As I am new to the city was looking for Indian friends. Wherever we go we find lots of Indians in Malaysia. All people here are easy going so felt like homeland.

Since we have many expats living here, we can enjoy many types of Indian cuisines. Also, many Tamil families living in my community. As I am first time to Kuala Lumpur, was looking for Indian grocery store around my place. I googled on the internet and found Modern store Indian Grocery, saw good reviews about the shop on the product they sell and went to shop there.

About Modern Store

In this post, I am going to share my experience first visit to modern store located in Brickfields, KL. Food is the most important aspect in a foreign country especially when you are fond of homemade food. As said, Modern store is a life saver for me as well as to all Indian expats. They are super authentic Indian imported provisions, spices and fruits & vegetables. The moment I walked into the grocery store, the smell of Indian spices filled my nose. Then as I moved on it the store saw variety of Indian brand items, from edible oils to pulses, rice bags, frozen goods, flour, spices, salt & sugar and much more.

We get all products for right and reasonable price. This store is always busy, their vegetable & fruits are extremely fresh. They have also a good selection of regional food, such as Indian spice powder for making your own Sambhar and Rasam at home. It’s a treat for the folks who are looking for junk food. They have a ton of snack varieties. People are willing to pay for food that is good. All wanted to feed their families fresh healthy foods with high standards. Hence, Modern store is one of the best Indian groceries located in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. They have two shops in Brickfields

I was amazed that I made so many connections to the items I saw in the grocery store. Although I normally shop at grocery store in India, but I was happy to know that I had a good experience here in Modern Store. I also noticed many mango products, especially fruits and juices was there in the shop. Mango is extremely popular in India and one of my favorite fruits. Modern Store team are also super responsive in Facebook to the customer enquiries.

Amazing Experience

Overall, I enjoyed experiencing the modern store. It’s like other grocery stores but especially catered to the needs of the Indian community and therefore offered great experience. Ultimately, I had an awesome experience and connected to the shop at the very first visit.